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    Outdoor Living

    Outdoor Living

    Moms, don’t spend another summer in the house cooking when the rest of your family is enjoying the great outdoors. You can create almost any type of room outdoors, be it a kitchen, dining room, or meditation area.


    Let Keyner Construction create an outdoor kitchen/dining area so the entire family can enjoy the day together. Picture a waterfall, a built in oven and sink underneath a pergola so you have shade but yet plenty of light too. You have a built in cooler for soft drinks for the kids, a built in grill for Dad and built in family time for Mom. You can add twinkling lights for night time enjoyment as well as a ceiling fan to keep you cool. An outdoor room can make your sun cooler and more enjoyable for the whole family.


    We at Keyner Construction specialize in outdoor kitchens and bringing joy to families in their own home and yard!