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    About Keyner Construction

    About Us

    We specialize in new home building and remodeling homes for discerning homeowners who value lifestyle design and high attention to detail. Our business model is based on old-fashioned values like taking pride in our work, caring about our clients’ needs, and keeping our promises.


    About You

    Most of our clients have been around the block a few times. This isn’t likely your first rodeo, and experience has taught you some lessons, both good and bad. The decision between buying or building a new home and remodeling your existing home has become complicated by other important life decisions. You’re here because you’re searching for resources to help you make the best decision for now, and for the future.

    You want an adaptable home so you won’t have to worry about changing your address time life throws changes in your direction. You are a reasonably-to-well-educated person, ranging in age from mid 30’s to 80’s. You likely pressure yourself to excel in all areas of life including family, career, and hobbies. You realize your time is your most valuable asset and strive to make the most of everything. Your attention to detail is incredible, and you understand the importance of honest communication and taking pride in one’s work.

    If this sounds like you, here’s more about us…

    We share your desire to produce amazing results in a timely manner while keeping you in the loop throughout the entire building or remodeling process. We also understand time is a valuable asset. Meeting your needs is paramount to our success. As an industry leader we have an extended network and may be able to help you find what or who you are looking for, even if that solution doesn’t include us.

    Building or remodeling your home is an investment that affects your daily life before, during and after construction. We are here to simplify the building or remodeling process by partnering with you for a timely and enjoyable experience. Your project is tailored to your individual lifestyle, making sure your needs are met with results that your friends and neighbors will envy. Our passion is for great design, craftsmanship and attention to detail; the special touches that make you feel great every time you enter your home. Every day your home transforms the way you live, work, and feel. From start to finish, the Keyner team will build or remodel a home that works for you and the way you live. This is what people have come to expect from us since 1995, and it is what you can expect as well.


    Our Process

    Just as there are multiple roads that lead to any destination you desire, there are multiple ways to approach dilemmas you face with your home. Our experience has taught us that no matter which path you take, they all start with four basic questions.

    What is your current situation?
    Make a list of things that make you unhappy or discontent with your current home. During our initial meeting we will discuss your needs and the problems you are experiencing. We will listen intently, make notes, and offer our professional opinion. We may be able to offer solutions that give you an entirely new perspective or option.

    What is required to make your situation better?
    The goal is to determine the best solution within your budget. Simplified, the quantity (size/scope of the project) plus quality (the specifications/selection of products) equals cost. Therefore, until the budget is established, everything else is just guess work.

    How much will it cost?
    Consider the cost in more ways than just money; your time and lifestyle are important considerations. Your new or remodeled home is an investment into your happiness and your family’s comfort.

    Are you willing to make the change?
    The decision to remodel or build a new home is often complicated. We often find problems you may not know existed. Sometimes we even discover solutions that you didn’t realize were possible. Your ultimate goal is to have a more livable home; one that better suits your needs. Our goal is to help you make the best decision for yourself and your family.


    Integrity . Trust . Peace of Mind

    Are you looking to improve the look, feel, flow and functionality of your home? Interested in increasing your home’s investment value? Do you need help deciding where to start? Contact us today for your remodeling and building projects! We are a full service firm.

    The intersection of beauty, function, and economy = Good Design. The intersection of what you asked for, what your designer draws, and what your builder builds = Good Design Process. We are your single source for good design and a good design process. This is what we can do for YOU.

    We are a unique firm offering a full range of residential remodeling and building services. That means we invest time and care in every project to bring forth the best design, craftsmanship and overall experience for your home renovation. From quaint to sophisticated, traditional to contemporary, we remodel Amarillo’s finest homes. We build long term relationships that last. Over 80% of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

    Our clients enjoy integrity, trust and peace of mind. Our process provides:

    Guidance for budget and scope decision-making

    • Creative design direction
    • Thoughtful planning processes
    • Clear communication
    • Careful implementation
    • Results and quality beyond expectations

    We specialize in whole home renovations, room additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, outdoor rooms, and design and build projects.

    We begin by asking “How do you Live?” and guide you to the best answer for your most pressing questions:

    • Where do I start?
    • What inspires me?
    • How do I want it to look, feel, flow and function?
    • How does it affect our lifestyle?
    • Will the design take my pets into consideration? What might it cost?
    • How does it affect value?

    All of our clients are regular Texas Panhandle people, whether long-time residents or recent transplants – individuals, couples, and families. The difference with our jobs is consistently using quality materials, innovative design, and excellent craftsmanship. We watch the workmanship closely, we custom design the details of our projects, we screen the best suppliers to send you to for amazing tile and fixtures and give honest recommendations based on products we believe in. Good design is not simply a matter of money. It’s about who you hire and how seriously they take your project.

    Beyond good design, it’s about having a professional, reliable design process in place to guide you to excellent final results. After that, it’s about having the right team to executre it.

    That’s us. Keyner Construction